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Your first name.  We'll ask about other adults in your house later.  
If you have no spouse or partner, please write "none." 
If you have no spouse or partner, please write "none." 

Leave blank if no home phone

Of any age

Children of any age

Yahrzeit Notification Request

Please tell us who else you know here, and what your relationship is to them.

Name and mobile number of someone we should contact in case of an emergency. 


Like all synagogues, Temple Judea relies on contributions from every family to support our general operations, which allow us to hire staff, run and maintain our programs, our facilities, and everything we do. 

It costs the temple approximately $3800 to maintain a family membership.  Please contribute at the highest possible level. Note that school tuition and the mandatory annual security fee of $500 are in addition. 

All members of our community contribute $500 per year to keep our campus and our visitors safe.

We rely on every family contributing at the level appropriate to them.  But we understand that for some families, temple membership is simply not affordable.  Temple Judea has limited funds, thanks to the generosity of other temple members, to offer financial assistance to those family with true financial need.   

Note that the Ba'Bayit or Young Family membership levels are not subject to Financial Assistance, as they are already discounted as low as possible.  

Families with Nursery School children should click here for the form to apply for Financial Assistance.  All others, please proceed with this form.  

Note that Financial Assistance is not available for Ba'Bayit or Young Family Membership types.  

This on-line Membership form totals what you would owe if you were paying the fully requested amount. 

It costs the temple $3800 per year to support each family.  We ask that you consider the maximum amount you can contribute to help support the Temple Judea community.  

Please note that your total financial obligation would include the Annual Membership Contribution, $500 per family Security fee, any optionals you chose to support, and tuition for any school programs. 

An amount payable between now and June. This should be a stretch in your budget, and require some compromise on your part in order to meet this obligation.  

We will contact you once the committee has had a chance to review your request.  Please expect to wait 2 - 3 weeks for a response. 

You agree that all the information you provided on this form is true and accurate.  You give permission for the VP Finance, the Executive Director, or their designates, to independently verify any of the information provided, with the condition that all information is kept strictly confidential.  

You agree to keep the nature of any financial arrangement you make with Temple Judea strictly confidential.  Any breach of confidentiality may result in the dissolution of your arrangement. 

Any agreement made is done so on a year at a time basis;  subsequent years may/will require submission of new application.  

You agree that a condition of this arrangement is to be set up on automatic payments to a credit or debit card.  

Thank you!  We'll be in touch with you shortly to complete the membership process.  We look forward to getting to know you and having you an active, vital member of our community.    

Sat, May 30 2020 7 Sivan 5780