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Temple Judea has many innovative, creative, and meaningful programs that may hold a special place in your heart.  Your gift to the General Fund, a Clergy's Discretionary Fund, or a Special Purpose Fund ensures your gift supports the program(s) most important to you.  

You may make a gift In Honor Of, or In Memory Of, a loved one or someone special to you.  You will have the chance, when you click to the payment page, to indicate the fund of your choice, your gift amount, and whether it is In Honor Of, or In Memory Of, someone. 


Please consider which fund, program, or department you'd like to support. Our current funds and programs are listed below. 

You'll be able to select the fund of your choice when you click HERE to donate.

General Fund
helps us fulfill our mission daily. 
Clergy Discretionary Funds
allow the clergy member to control the spending.  (There are guidelines that limit somewhat how they can spend the money.)
Director of Education Fund
helps improve the quality of education within our community. 
Executive Director Administrative Fund
supports administrative programs and activities to keep our community running efficiently. 
Natalie Smolens ECC Scholarship Fund
helps defray the cost of our littlest members to attend our Early Childhood program.
Social Action Fund
helps deserving families out of tight spots.  
Ellen M. Rose Caring Community Fund
supports families with special circumstances 
Marshall Blair Leadership Fund
provides opportunities for leadership development.
Marvin Lezak Israel Scholarship Fund
helps send students to Israel
Music Fund
supports musical programming at our synagogue 
Prayerbook and Torah Fund
provides resources for new prayerbooks and/or upkeep of our Torah scrolls 
Rabbi Donald Goor Lifelong Learning Fund
supports learning opportunities for adults
Robert M. Baruck Youth Fund (Scholarships)
provides funds to temple youth to attend local, regional, and national events
Social Justice Fund
helps fund social justice actions
Steven Fuld Youth Fund (Program Support)
provides learning and community support to our youth, ages 7 - 17.  



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